First Ever!

Last month I entered my first ever major writing competition. I must say I had a lot of doubts about whether my pieces were good enough to compete and if they were original enough. I’m always asking myself: is this original enough? I ask that question every time I’m thinking on an idea or even after I’ve already finished the work. Anyway, I entered both competitions  through Writer’s Digest. I’m currently waiting to hear if I won. I must say it’s exciting. I’ve never, in all my writing career, entered anything like this. In high school, I submitted three poems over two years to be published in my school’s magazine. All three were published. That was exciting. I have copies of the magazine and the invite to the magazine launch. I guess that was my first experience in the literary world as a writer/author. It wasn’t Harper Collins but it was the first time I got published so I was excited, haha.

In the meantime, I have quite a few projects to keep me busy. I just finished a novel that I’m currently querying agents for. I will be starting it’s sequel pretty soon. There is a short story I have to edit once more (I’m a editing/revision fiend). There are also a couple of other novels that I’m developing. In my Current Projects tab is the whole list as it stands currently. The titles are abbreviated for now. I’m also putting together a poetry as I also write poetry. That’s it for now. Peace everybody!

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