Smoke Blower

Smoke Blower
By Te’Kia Miller

They can’t see the fire burning
For the smoke filling their eyes
Perception plays its role perfect
In smog and haze filling their reality
With doubt and unbelief

That my dream will never be
Could never be
But how can this be?
Words from so called supporters
The ones closest to me said
I could be anything but now

My dream is at hand
They’ve all accused the dreamer

As a smoke blower
Piping dreams into the sky
Where they sail on wayward winds
But my wings have finally sprouted
Catching destined winds
Upon which I fly
A Phoenix of fire from their dead dreams ashes
I rise above those who never achieved
So yes!
I am the smoke blower
Burning their eyes in haze
And setting their lungs on fire
To snuff out their doubt
And cut off their unbelieving words
Which no longer feed my fear
Nor fill my ears
For the dream calls me now
To reach for the place beyond the stars


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