The Editing Fiend

I am an editing fiend. I’m also a revision fiend. And an impulsive notebook buyer (at times). The first two are part of my writing process, which will be more posts on that later. The last just feeds my writing related impulses. There will be another post on that as well.

Let me start with the first. For some writers editing might be a grueling task of chop-chop and snip-snip. For me, it’s not. It’s actually one of the most important things in my writing. I even start editing the first few chapters before I start a new chapter. I do that because there are things that pop up that I much rather change in the beginning than later on, while the information is fresh. When the project is finished, I’ll go over the material again and again and again and again and…well you get the point. It’s really bad to the point of almost never ending with me. Obsessive, I know but I can’t help it.

So if the editing is obsessive, so are the revisions, but I don’t go overboard with revising. If something works, then I leave it in. If it doesn’t work, then I make the change.

Then there’s the impulsive notebook buying. Sometimes I can’t help but buy a new notebook for notes and jot-downs even if I already have a notebook for that. It’s not my fault I come across really fly notebooks. This is also not an overboard issue. There are times when I say, “fill up the one you got, then get a new notebook”. Now when it comes to poetry, it’s much easier not to buy impulsively because I’ve recently changed to only using one type of notebook and that’s Moleskine. I’ve got four books filled with poetry. I’m currently chipping away at the fifth. As I work on my poetry collection, it’ll probably fill up pretty fast. But Moleskine is it for the poetry.

I don’t think any of the above are really THAT BAD, but I could be wrong. I ‘m sure if I asked any of my friends, they’d disagree haha. But what can I say, I am really critical of my work. When editing/revising, if the smallest thing doesn’t fit right, then it MUST be changed or else it’ll irk me to no end. I can’t be irked. I’m sure there are other writers who’d agree with me.

Well, gotta go. These projects certainly aren’t writing themselves. Ya’ll be cool.

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