Not To Be Remiss

So I’m writing posts on my writing process and I feel I should make something clear. Generally, my writing process proceeds from ideation to production to editing/revisions. However, in those stages, there is not a set course. I may jump between or within these stages from one thing to another because of the novel project. See, each project is different and so my writing process changes to meet the needs of each project.

I had one project where I had an idea for several months but the writing was held up because of one detail. Once I figured out that one detail, the rest of the story fell in line. I was able to skip many parts in my writing process and come out with a viable project. Once I entered into the editing/revision stage, of course there were changes but I was pleased with the work overall. There are tiny bits that I would change (just because I’m being critical and these tiny bits are irking me) but other than that, I think the novel is pretty good. Once it gets picked up, if there are more changes needed, I am open to that.

But I said all that to say this, I didn’t do an outline ( and I normally don’t) until later on in the novel. I didn’t write any character profiles before hand on this particular project. I let the characters develop as I wrote. I was not disappointed. Not that I ever am. I love the characters that I write and am always looking for ways to make all of them rich and three-dimensional.

So I didn’t want to write about my process as if it was a straight shot, because it’s not. It just depends.

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