How Can You Write!?

How can you write? That has always been a very hard question for me to answer. There have been many people in my life that had no idea that I wrote, much less wanted to be an author. I never talked about it. Why? Not really sure actually. It was and had always been a dream of mine but it was never one that I shared openly unless mentioned on occasion. So when I began to tell people that I write or was writing a novel, they’d want to know everything. What the novelwas about, what are the character names, how do I come up with character names, etc. Almost inevitably that question of “how can you write?” popped up.

The answer is still as difficult even now. I know why they ask because they tell me. They say ‘I couldn’t do that’ or ‘that’s a lot of discipline’ or something like that. To sit down at a blank piece of paper (which I still do from time to time) or at a blank computer screen and begin to type/write is daunting for some people. It does take discipline and commitment to right X amount of words daily. It also takes patience and perseverance outside of creativity.

I don’t know if ‘how’ is the real question they want to know the answer to. I think it’s’ why’. Now to that question, I can answer quite plainly. Why do I write? Because I love it. I love the creativity it takes to write. I love how stories and characters almost develop on their own. I love getting to know these characters, their stories, where they live, the kind of lives they lead. In regards to poetry (which I also love), I love being able to create beauty using the written language. I also love the inspirations poetry lends itself to and I like seeing the interpretations of others.

So, how can I write? I don’t think there’s a formula. It’s all in what information you want to convey and how you want to present that information. For me, writing is an important skill that I’ve learned opens doors in both the personal and professional arenas. So I try to study it as it pertains to my needs (novels, poetry, short stories). Each one has a structure and art. Besides that, writing is used in a lot of facets, so it would be wise to learn well the craft of writing.

As far as why? I simply love it.

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