Poetically Speaking

Many of my recent posts have been about writing or my writing process. I thought I’d write a little bit about my poetry.

Before I started writing poetry, I didn’t care for it in the same way I didn’t care for smooth jazz. Then, just like with smooth jazz (which now I absolutely love!) poetry grew on me. I remember my first poem was in fifth grade I believe. It was a Halloween poem. It still lives in my memory word for word. Not that I’d have to remember. I still have the poem to this day. It would years before I went back to writing poetry because I was into writing short stories at that time. This was also the same time I experimented with writing novels. Somewhere in high school I met poetry again though. At this point I hadn’t read much poetry but was familiar with it. I’d started writing it and it help to release a lot of opinions I had on the world at that time.

I’ve been writing poetry ever since. I created two chap-books of poetry for school, one in college and I currently have one in the works.

Poetry is mysteriously alluring, beautiful, and wonderfully provocative to me. I wish I could describe what it’s like but I don’t know if there are accurate words. For me, poetry is a kind of mode one gets into. This mode lets them see something others can’t imagine is there until it’s brought to there attention. Even then it seems to elude others, but not the poet. For the poet (at least for me anyway)  it’s like having heightened senses plus a heightened sixth sense. The muse of a poet is almost real to them I think. There is certainly a deep connection between a poet and their muse.

Being a poet also means being able to step into another’s shoes and viewing the world from that viewpoint. This is something I’ve come to realize when writing on raw issues like child molestation, rape, domestic violence and the like. I’ve written  few pieces on these but each time it’s always been with hesitation because I’ve never experienced any these things. So I always questioned whether or not I should let others read them. I’m glad I did because each time I’ve let others read these pieces (including those who have been through such hardship) they’ve given kudos on the delicate and accurate way the issue was presented.

So being a poet in my opinion is a fascinating thing. I’m not sure how big or large the poetic market is but I believe that poetry is an art form that should be and needs to be preserved.

P.S.- stick around long enough and you’ll see a few poetic pieces here and there 😉

Peace 🙂

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