Productivity Report: Word Quota

Duh-duh-duhmmm…word quota. I don’t have one. I was young when I started writing short stories. I never had a word quota. It was only recently in the last year when I started thinking maybe I should have a word quota. I thought it would help me stay productive. It didn’t. I would only make me mad if I didn’t hit that day’s quota because then I’d want to make it up plus add in the current day’s quota. Eventually I decided that keeping track of my word count wasn’t for me.

So I stopped having one. I went back to doing what I’d always done: write until I come to a point I’m comfortable with being the stop point. It works a lot better. As long as I make some progress, it’s progress. Doesn’t have to be word number specific. I do set goals though.

For example, if I have a few changes to make, then that’s my goal. If I want to add something or take something out, then that becomes my goal. That for me is progress even it’s a little. Every little bit counts and it counts towards the overall story. Crafting stories is kind of like building a machine. Everything from the tiniest detail to the biggest is crucial to the story.

So then it becomes a matter of setting reachable goals and working to achieve those goals. What I mean by reachable goals is that the goals are not too strenuous and they’re not unrealistic and there aren’t too many. Trying to set too many goals and achieving them at once puts too much pressure and stress on a writer.

Take it one goal at a time 🙂

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