Beginnings and Endings

Beginnings and endings  would have to be the hardest part of the novel, I think. If we’re talking about the beginning then there’s that question of well, “how do I start?”

I’ve read and continue to read articles of beginnings. Almost all of them say “grab the reader from the first sentence”. I would think this would be obvious enough, but I guess not with all the advice circulating out there. But I guess ‘grabbing the reader’ can mean piquing their interest. What I think needs to be understood is that this may mean something different to the author. What is interesting to the author may not be seen as interesting to the reader. Then you have to factor in personal taste. Some readers like slow beginnings while others may want a ka-pow from the first word. Personally I think as long as the author believes it’s a beginning that would hold their attention as a reader, every thing will be fine.

For me, beginnings are easier than endings. Why? Because when you really sit and think about the beginning it can be started from just about any place as long as you keep it relevant to the story. Endings are more difficult for me because there’s always that question how can I wrap this up? I don’t want it to be too long but I don’t want to be lazy either with a rush to the end.

With that said endings can also be hard. An ending too quick can seem like a rush or laziness, while too long of an ending can seem to be never ending or overdone. So for me it’s about finding a balance. Nevertheless I do like endings for the same reason I like the beginnings which is the brainstorming part. There are equally as many possibilities!

I think we writers/authors should approach beginnings and endings with an open mindset that there are unlimited possibilities and brainstorm as many as we can. Then we can pick the one we think is best. On a side note, I love endings that brings everything full circle. I think those are the best kind of endings, even tragic endings ( but I’ll take my favorite happy endings any day 🙂 ).

2 thoughts on “Beginnings and Endings

  1. I usually start my ideas with an ending in mind. But, I do get stuck on endings to short stories. Short stories have to be wrapped up quicker without feeling rushed. Novels can wind down slower to the end. I actually have more trouble with the middle of stories. I can usually think of a good hook line or paragraph at the beginning, but then adding scenes to create drama is where I get stuck, especially in a novel. Thanks for sharing your ideas on beginnings and endings.


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