But What About…

In writing a novel, I’ve had numerous occasions where I have the intent to write something a particular way. I’ve already set my mind on it that this is what is going to happen and how it’s going to happen. But then as I go to write what I have purposed to do, it doesn’t end up that way. Then I go back to check my notes (or outline if I have one) and realize, that’s not what I wrote. But I like what was written and have decided to keep it.

This happens often. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t strictly keep to an outline. Things change even when I have no intention of changing them. It’s not a problem per se and it’s probably a good thing that this does happen. Spontaneity, who knew writing could be so spontaneous? To most people on the outside looking in, writing looks boring. If they only knew the world we writers live in.

Anyway, this post was inspired by this same incident that recently happened. I’d started an outline around chapter seven because things were getting jumbled and I needed to sort them out to track them. I went to write what I had in the outline, but it didn’t write that way. It just happens.

It’s an interesting thing I think though. To see what it is you’re writing and end up not writing it at all. Instead something you initially had no intention of including somehow, someway finds it’s way into the fabric of the story. Best of all, it ends up working out!

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