Just In Case Notes

Whenever I start a project I always end up having what I call Just In Case Notes. I don’t ever plan on having these notes, they just pop up. The reason why they pop up is because these are actual pieces taken from a novel/short story/short story series that I don’t like. HOWEVER, just because I don’t like them or they don’t fit doesn’t mean I delete/throw them away. I just take them out and put them aside in case I can use them later.

This recently just happened with my current novel project. I had taken out a large chunk of text because I decided that the information in it was appearing too soon (like chapter one too soon). So I cut the chunk out, rewrote that part of the novel and put the chunk in a separate file in case I could use it in  a later portion. Well, it turned out perfect. Of the large chunk I took, only a small portion was the perfect fit to the novel. I love when this happens because it means I already had what I needed before I even needed it. On top of that, it’s already written so I don’t have to do much work at trying to fit it in. It just fits. Lovely 🙂 🙂


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