Bedfellows of Darkness

Bedfellows of Darkness
by Te’Kia Miller

If now our tongues have betrayed us
Then our actions have perpetrated thus;
The unmasking before mirrored eyes show
A secret our true lovers were to never know
How we two strangers became spectacular bedfellows
To fulfill overwhelming lusts within
Our web of lies added to this sin
Vows broken first in heart the same in mind
Fell in the dark hands of time
To the end
These cruel intentions plague their heart with grief
Every time we secret bedfellows meet
The ones our hearts have chosen still in darkness sit
While time we’re away a bigger wedge pits
Still a nefariousĀ calling serenades to me
From the soul’s depths of thee
In these embraces of taboo
Fantasies have done what reality won’t do
Fulfilling longings no longer met and seemingly empty space
That will undoubtedly end us in disgrace

Original work. Copyright 2014.




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