Obssessions and Compulsiveness

I’ve just finished another round of “last revisions”. Notice the quotation marks? Haha. That’s because I have a compulsive need to edit and revise my work multiple times. I know for some people, if not many, this is the hardest part of the writing process. For some reason it’s the part I enjoy. Even though I’m not sure exactly why this is, I do have my suspicions to a few reasons. One thing is for sure, I’ve had this compulsive need to edit/revise ever since I was  kid when I first started writing. Maybe that’s where it stems from. Every time I would go over my work, I noticed misspelled words because I wrote too fast (Yes, I wrote with pencil and paper), there were plot holes, I was being critical, too much detail, too little detail or there was always something. So, I’d check it once, twice and ten more times until I was satisfied. I guess I’ve carried that with me into my adulthood. I know for some it’s a gruesome process because it means chopping here, nipping there, snip that, cut here, get rid of this. But I think it’s good to trim places where there’s maybe a little too much fat to make the work leaner and cleaner. I consider editing and revising as a polishing. Whether or not it would help others to think of it that way, I’m not sure.  All I can say is that for now, I’m satisfied with the revisions I’ve made on this novel I’m querying for and look forward to finishing its sequel. I will also be going through numerous rounds of editing/revisions before I’m satisfied with it.

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