A Sigh Of Relief

So now the deed is done. The sequel I was working on is finally finished! Finished it yesterday. It took longer than I expected but it’s done now and I’m glad :-). Now it’s time for a little rest before the first round of revisions and editing. In the meantime, I’m still querying for the first novel once I tweak the query letter.

I’ve never written a sequel so this was my first time writing one. I found that it’s not that much different from writing a stand alone title (at least in this particular case). I did learn that when writing a sequel (and this may hold true for series) you have to keep previous information straight from the first novel. So, during my writing I had to keep going back to the first book to check and make sure I was keeping in line with certain information. That’s when the novel notes come into play and I have plenty of them.

Anyway, as with every large body of work I finish, there’s always a sigh of relief that comes with it. It’s not one where I’m glad this is over with because it caused me great pain and heartache. It’s a sigh of achievement and pride in my work. Even if I had to drag myself through it from start to finish, the important thing is that I finished it to the last detail without rushing it. I worked through whatever obstacles were in the way and I finally accomplished another short term goal of creating another body of work.

Always love that feeling of accomplishment 🙂

Until next time, peace.

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