A While And Then Some

It’s been more than a little while since my last post. Things have become very busy as I’m sure most suspect is the reason for a long absence. Since my last post, I’ve been searching for literary agents, researching the best prospects, querying and getting rejected. I’m still considering two that look great, they come from well established agencies but there isn’t a great deal of information on one and the other is at so great a distance away. I’d like to have an agent who is relatively close in case we ever need to meet face to face. Then again I guess Skype is always there. Anyway, I’ve also completed a new short story which I am currently seeking out magazines to submit to. This is proving to be an obstacle as most are now online/e-published/e-zine like in nature. I get the reasoning behind it but it’s still a great thing and feeling for a writer to be able to physically hold a magazine with their work in their hands. I think it’s one of the greatest feelings next to an author holding their physically published book in their hands. Besides that there’s also the next novel project I’m looking for. I have a couple in development, both of which I’m going to overhaul. So, there’s a lot going on but keep checking back for any new updates, projects, and posts.

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