A Return To Poetry

This is coming two days too late but so be it. April is over and that means so is Poetry Month. During the month of April I attempted to write a poem everyday. At last to no avail. However, I have all of the prompts from which I drew my inspirations and will look forward to completing all the prompts. At the end, I’ll have a total of thirty poems, enough for a collection.

This comes as I am currently already working on a collection more than one year in the making. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that other things have taken my attention away. In particular the two recent novel projects. They continue to be in revisions mode as I have currently taken a break from the literary agent search (it will begin again soon).

Now that these poetry prompts for April have oiled the poetic gears, I think it shouldn’t be too hard to finish both collections. At least I hope not. I don’t have any immediate plans for a new novel project at the moment (although I do have a few in development stages right now). I’m not really focusing on a new novel. I have directed my attention to submitting to literary magazines in hopes of getting that kind of publication under my belt.

We will see what happens.

– Peace.

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