Organize That

There are lots of childhood memories I can easily recall. One of which is writing. Even as a child I was always writing. Mostly short stories. And I can remember laying on the floor of my basement, scribbling away on paper a new short story whatever it may have been. Each time I finished one I would go over it and check it for mistakes. Each and every time there was at least one mistake. Most of the time they were spelling or grammar mistakes. Or maybe I missed a word. These mistakes were due to the fact that I would write as fast I as could. Not really sure why. It just always seemed like I was trying to keep up with the images and things going on in my mind. So that led to something missing here and there.

When I started writing novel length works I noticed this same trend but something else was happening as well. Plot holes, getting characters mixed up, or getting the stories mixed up and forgetting what was going on. These mistakes happened because I would try to write a project for each idea I thought was great. This also led to me scrapping a lot of projects. This was problematic for a number of reasons which could have been easily dealt with in one word: Organization.

Although I was pretty organized in other things, writing was an area I wasn’t skilled in being organized in. At that time I always thought that the story would bring me back to what it was about and I could continue on from there. While this was the case I still needed to be organized if for no other reason than for pop-up points. Things always come up in the making of a story and there needs to be a place to organize these pop-up points.

As I’ve grown older I’ve revamped my organization more times than I remember. It is actually the reason for this post. I’ve revamped it again because I have done something I haven’t done in a while. Started multiple projects which I have every intention on finishing. But to help me with that I’ve kept two journals for two of the projects (as I’ve gone back to writing by hand in some cases) and with these journals are sticky notes for those pop-up points. Other projects that I write on my computer have their notes written in the document with precision so I know at what point in the story something needs to take place. This is temporary as I have been thinking about a better method to keep track of this kind of information. I think this is a good start though. I hope to one day have a study where I can write and maybe have a giant dry-erase board. That might help 🙂

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