Been Gone But Still Here

So over the last week I’ve been posting new material. Before that I hadn’t posted anything for several months. In fact, I hadn’t even been on my blog over those several months. I also hadn’t been on any social media. Usually I coincide the two. Though I was gone, I was still here. I was still creating. It’s just that I was creating something entirely different from my usual home of poetry, novels, and short stories. What I was creating dealt with an entirely different beast from another realm sort of speak.

This beast I am talking about is script writing! I’ve always wanted to write the script for my novels (at least one) because I’ve always thought that kind of thing was cool. To help bring a story to life on the big screen always seemed to be this fantastic and exciting adventure that I wanted to experience.

This was something I hadn’t done before and I wanted to start small. So, with some much appreciated help (thank you so, so very much for your insights and help 😉 ), I found out what all I needed to do in order to get started. Then I invested in a book rich with information on all parts of a script. After that I took it from there and got started.

I started with a television script and everything that needed to go with a pilot episode. Now mind you this took some time because it forced me to think about my novel in terms that I hadn’t considered before. There were times when I got stuck but I worked through it. Recently I’ve turned to the movie script which I am currently working on. I’ve always really wanted to write a movie script. I started with the television script because I wanted to start small and get some kind of handle on the habit. There were also other things I wanted to do with the tv script as far as characters, character story, and world-building goes.

All in all this has been a learning experience for me because the writing is different for a script than it is for a novel or short story. Formatting is different as well. Because of the difference between the two it has taken some getting use to. But I have to say that this has been so fun to do. It really has been a joy to embark on this type of venture as far as writing goes.

If you hit up the Current Projects page, you should be able to see it’s been updated to include these new projects under Other.

I’d also been focusing more on poetry submissions and searching out literary magazines to submit to, so that took a little away from the creation of new poetry or even just a blog post.

So that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. I can’t promise that new content will be posted weekly or even frequently but I haven’t gone anywhere. In the process of all this going on, I did manage to eek out some new poetry. The flows have been coming more and more thanks to music I’ve been listening to and poetry prompts. I love music and poetry together. It’s a beautiful combination. The pages of my Moleskine have been filling up so that’s a good thing 🙂

– Be blessed and peace out ya’ll



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