Current Projects


M.S.- completed and currently being queried.

R.E.C.- is the sequel to M.S. and is completed.

T.M.- a new project, in progress.

D.S.- is also a new project, in progress albeit slow going.

T.S.T.- a third project, in progress and currently slow going.


F.A.L.- A completed collection of poetry.

C.O.A.M- a completed collection of poetry

P.A.D 2017 (to be re-named)- collection of poetry from April’s poem a day prompts from 2017 in slow progress.

Short Stories

A Husband’s Prayer, A Wife’s Vision- posted to blog

End Shift- posted to blog

A Turn In Perception- posted to blog

Short Story Series

Harding Middle School Confidential- posted to blog


Currently working on a television series based off of M.S. and a movie script based off the same novel.

Poems out on submission to literary magazines. Currently awaiting their response.


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