Bag of Knick Knacks

Bag of Knick Knacks
a collection
By Te’Kia Miller

Mind Trapped

That blank stare in my eyes
is a warning sign
to my sudden departure
from the present time and place
oblivious to you and every nuance
for that blank stare in my eyes
is a warning sign that I’m mind trapped
wandering for something
much more interesting, fascinating
it lures me without notice
snatching me to the corners
of my mind where I find
the most wonderfully bizarre
and enlightening things so-
forgive the sudden lackluster interest
in now but I’m prone
to sudden mind traps

Rock-A-Bye Rain ( A Triolet)

In succulent love words my knight gives me
sweet rain caressing my soul overflows
and the moment bewitched passes slowly.
In succulent love words my knight gives me
lives superb fire sparked in eternal glee;
his sole desire for me in all things shows.
In succulent love words my knight gives me
sweet rain caressing my soul overflows.

Wings of a Dream

I am the wings
of a dream lying here
for time too long delayed
has moth eaten
the dream so that now
its colors slowly fade
and my own vibrancy
has suffered the same
for no longer
can I carry the dream
since time has
too long delayed;
a most unfortunate case
of a deferred dream

Midnight Bloom

The sky unfurls
Its delicate hands
To welcome the night blooms
In balmy air and drapes of moonlight
Cascading on our paradise, through which
Fire Lights play
Dipping over the lagoon filled with treasures above

And we tread the sandy shoreline
Of blue velvet
Reveling in the midnight bloom
With caresses and long gazes
Speaking in the way of romantic poets
As the stars burn brightly
Even as we, smiling in joy
Exploring the depths of our hearts

Friends Departed

There are no
Hard feelings here or
Sore hearts and no tears
To speak of

This is not
Out of malice or
Coldness of a hallowed heart
But instead
A solemn resolve

Of the truth
We didn’t see coming
So now a stark reality
Stares us in the eye
That we have silently
Said good-bye

Days to months to years
Slipped by
As the calls became fewer
Emails inadvertently unanswered
And the intent to send a card
Obscured to preoccupation

But if we should ever meet
Eye to eye again
All the time passed will be
Recapped over tea or coffee
And lunch

And again we’ll part
Albeit with renewed interest
That will eventually recede

Another sign we have indeed
Parted ways;
Still, the heart will remember

Confession of a Soul Collector

Through these soul ties
I have become a soul collector,
Having a piece of each soul
Searching endlessly for that love
Rumored among poets and romantics.
But even lying beside the next soul
I still feel lonely as the dying star
Who knows its end has come.
So now my heart is empty again
And this rendezvous is a mocking dream
Of the thing I crave and have yet to find.
What my heart searches for is contrary
To the logic-or rather illogical- mind
Through whose justification
All this soul collecting is a must
If my heart should ever find love.
Or perhaps the answer to what it seeks
Lies within understanding the sanctity
Of that which we use to hold virtuous.


The Angels Know (A Rondeau)

No doubt by now the angels know your smile
That never could hide anything with guile
But now how should I get through day by day?
Unless these memories provoke the way
And keep my heart from sinking by the mile

The life we had was every bit worthwhile
I’d do it again just to see you smile
To experience your beauty once more
No doubt by now the angels know

But death has spoken without any vile
And took you away so softly and agile
Now I say goodbye to sweet love
Take your rest in blessed heaven above
We shall meet again after that final trial
No doubt by now the angels know

We Failed Love

Love looked on in horror
A heart clenched with pity
How could this be?
For they have failed me.
So the eyes of Love fell
Romantic and pure fidelity countenance
Had fallen from majesty
Turning away with bowed head
And soul of sorrows.
It turns out
We failed Love.
We did not work
As hard as we should have
Nor did we fight
As long as we should have.
We grew more selfish instead
Childish bickering of right and wrong.
True Love requires something
We are not acquainted with-
Acts of selflessness.
Can you sacrifice your will
For me? Can I do equally for you?
It would mean submission
A laying down of self-wills.
Can we? Will we? But we did not.
This is the question
Standing at the beginning
But presumption won its say
And we did not prove trust.
We failed love.


Velvet Roses

I have missed you
Longer than time can tell
But the heart ticked away
Well-kept is the fondness known
Hidden spirit deep
Can you hear that deep?
My heart desires you exponentially
In the depths of love infinite, ever swelling
With passion and fidelity at the seams
We live in the heart’s dreams
Dancing in its rhythmic beating
We gave to one another
In that divine exchange long ago
Joining man to his rib
I am she you have prayed for;
Through the masses I have heard you
Even from far beyond still
I know your song for me
And now we clasp hand in hand
At long last true love has besought us
Bearing gifts of starry rings
And crowns of the sun
When we wake up in robes of velvet roses.
Beloved, you have missed me
Longer than time call tell
With desirous need of me
So let us get caught up in the depths of love


This Grievous End (A Rondeau)

So we have come to this grievous end
For which neither love nor sympathy mend
A parting the heart rather not see
Though mighty, still, fragile it be
In the wake of love carried on the wind

That deathly hallow came to rend
But still upon my heart love commends
And in my mind warm memories of glee
Despite this grievous end

Many things in my life you did append
I will hold dearly upon my heart fastened
And should I ever forget thee
Then may these memories also forget me
And the yearly flowers turn ashen
For this grievous end


Shimmering Pond

I was walking down that path
We used to walk in the summer
When we would share smiles
And I found myself stopping here
But inevitable

The pond we used to skip rocks over
The same we use to sit on the pier
Dangling our feet in the cool water
And had our first kiss at sunset

I remember
I remember because
Every time I come here
The memories shimmer in the pond
The story of our love
Played over the still water
And vanish in the ripples caused by my tears

I never mean to stop here
On my walk
I never mean to pause on the past
But I think memory lane
Runs in a loop

So when I’m walking down that path
We used to walk in the summer
When we would share smiles
And I find myself stopping here
It’s never on purpose
Always inadvertently
But inevitable
Because of the rose I place here
A new one everyday

Precious love of mine
I do wish you rest in peace


Sonnet #3

There is a place romantics and poets know
So many try but fail the test required
To receive that which love seeks to bestow
crowned hearts sublime with songs gentle and fired

Surely we have found such a place as this
in the wake of massacre and macabre
of heartache and heartbreaks we were remiss
but we, the bold, braved trepidition’s way

Our hearts never able to let hope go
pushed towards a light not yet seen in the dark
but withal still knew before long would show
that now we are consumed in love’s grand spark

From the heights to the depths infinitely
in eternal dreams exponentially


Cosmic Lovers

The years were centuries
to the lamenting heart
of I, a queen,
fallen in her mien
sitting upon my throne
of a million stars

Former worlds crumbled,
past heartaches
turning to dust
so I searched
through the ages
for a stellar lover,
a warrior
of true love’s conquest
indeed I searched
to no avail

But in the dawn
of a new sun
reaching from light-years away
his love found me
pulling me into his nebula
where upon pillars
his majesty sits adorned
in crescent moon diadems

His piercing gaze
invaded my sacred place
to exchange his heart for mine
so he could feel
every rhythm of me
and I every motion of him

We lay  fields
of constellations, ride
shooting horses for light-years, dip
our feet in rivers of light,
watching sunsets ignite

In our secluded paradise
of starry waterfalls
and black velvet linens
drapping our marriage bed
we beautifully twain become one
and to our delight
pluck galaxies in the morning
to taste their light

In the dawn of a new sun
this love transcends
taking us to the reaches
of the universe
that goes on forever
so we are infinite lovers
loving infinitely time infinity


Copyright. 2016.