Harding Middle School Confidential

Julius Meadow is a new student at Harding Middle School. He’s entering the seventh grade and although he hopes this is the last time he’ll have to move again, he has some reservations being a new student. However, it isn’t long before he finds himself being asked to join an experimental group lead by one of his peers, Marcus Andrews. Marcus has been asked by Principal Coldwater to lead a group of students to help combat the growing number of factions feuding in the school. As part of the new disciplinary program, Julius and his new group of friends are tasked with brining the level of student infractions down to satisfactory levels. But as the group becomes more and more successful as the school year progresses, things begin to take a turn for the worse for their group known as HES,
Harding Enforcement Squad.

Spiraling with their own personal complications, dealing with delinquent children, and the overwhelming power of the factions, the HES is thrown for a loop when conspiracies fly about Principal Coldwater having a hand in the madness. With more enemies than friends, the HES is left with few options to help in cleaning up the school, even if it means bringing down the principal.

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