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The Life We Never Had

The Life We Never Had
By Te’Kia Miller

Starting out young we had galaxies of dreams,
Overloaded eyes seeing beyond sight.
But we never knew
They would weigh too much,
Never counted the cost to have such.
We took off at warp speed
For the future we saw was far
Living on the edge of our universe.
We believed in each other;
Hope was all we had, all we needed.
Love was all we had, all we needed.
But practicality bequeaths this knowledge:
That neither hope nor love pays a bill.
Now the wallet’s bleeding red.
Pressure is building frustrations
And fissures are starting to show
In a love we once had,
Suffocating the hope we once breathed.
So here we are on ventilating systems
Broken by dreams that never came to be.
We tried everything to make them work.
Everything we knew was all we knew.
Dragging love along the way
Passion fell off years ago
Leaving this garden we had
Famished and in drought.
This whole affair finally crashed,
Burning down our bliss hoped for
into a tainted future.

Now all we have is a fallen star tragedy
And the shadow of a watery grave.

Original. 2018.

This piece was inspired by the movie Acrimony. I’d seen it a few weeks ago and the next day I was inspired. It’s my take on the situation of the husband and wife (who becomes his ex-wife) and the life that they dreamed for but never got to experience together as they had hoped for.

P.S.- if you haven’t seen the movie, my apologies for the spoiler.


Love of No Return

Love Of No Return
By Te’Kia Miller

This is all we know to do
Never knowing anything else
Except the secret ways of touch
Lighting fires in windows of the soul
This is where you dwell in me
Diving for treasures hidden for you
Locked in the depths of contemplation
The way you love is a work of art
Sketching murals on my heart
The senses vibrating in supernovas
Rapture in these kisses divine
Descending gently in this gravity
Ever pulling us together
From which we will never return

Original. 2018.

A Distant Life Past

A Distant Life Past
By Te’Kia Miller

That star had long since fallen
Seen with eyes of awe once lured
By the rapid ascending of hope’s dream
It was a life lived for a brilliant future
Burned down by vices galore
Each devil a distraction from all the pressures
And suddenly all is abruptly ended
Buried and engraved in regretful memory
Of a distant life past

Original. 2018.

Inspired by movie: Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

The scene where Frankie (who looks like he is in pain) is sitting in church with his wife, Elmira, looking at the little boy singing in the choir. As he looks at the boy you can tell he is remembering his past life as an entertainer.

It’s A New Edition

So on closer inspection you’ll notice a new edition to this blog. Poetry Collections Blog Edition tab. That’s because I’ve decided to create smaller poetry collections especially for this blog. The reason for this is because in the process of creating poetry collections (two have been completed as of this writing) there are those that don’t make the cut. Actually there are a lot that don’t make the cut. Well, instead of keeping them in the dark someplace, I’ve decided that they could go into some collection.

These particular poems weren’t bad pieces. They just didn’t fit with the body of work I was putting together. Not only that but these pieces tend to be pieces that I don’t see in a published body of work. They seem to be a better fit for the blog. So I needed a place to put them. There you have it. The first small collection is already up. It is titled Bag of Knick Knacks.

Each small collection will consist of anywhere from 10 to 15 poems. I hope to keep this going as there are always many pieces that never get put in a larger body of work. Or more commonly there are those that are always being taken out as I progress through to the end of the collective pieces. Sometimes I’ll even take poems out and replace them with newer pieces I like more than what was there. So I hope you enjoy the new page and the new poetic collections. Peace.


From Summer to Fall

From Summer to Fall
By Te’Kia Miller

How quickly time flew
we blinked in May and here is November
deep inside somehow we knew
how quickly time flew
the summer days were far too few
a whimsical time our hearts remember
how quickly time flew
we blinked in May and here is November

Original. 2015.

I have been experimenting with poetic forms. A few of which I have incorporated in my latest poetry collection (which I’m still trying to decide how I want to have it published). The above piece is my first ever attempt at a Triolet.



I Missed Poetry Month!

So April is poetry month. I love poetry and I love writing poetry. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much time to write poetry. Not just for poetry month but just for me. This of course means that I have missed poetry month 😦 which is a bummer.  There is, however, hope. During poetry month I use prompts from Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides blog. They have some great prompts, one prompt for each day. My plan is to write down each prompt and use those as a springboard to get my poetry flow back on track. That way I can write my pieces at my own pace. I also hope to get some pieces to post on this blog.