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A Muse’s Stolen Moment

A Muse’s Stolen Moment
By Te’Kia Miller 

Submerged in rivers of smooth jazz
Overflowing, filling canals into
Time and space unaccounted
The world has washed away
In the tides of a muse’s making
Only the poet is listening
Quietly in a world of storms
It is the third eye of a sixth sense
To see and hear this beauty
Called muse 

Original.2017. 4/22/2017.


Valentine Nights

Valentine Nights
By Te’Kia Miller 

Tantalizing are the days
Even more decadent
Are nights of a Valentine kind.
A moment snatched from time
Blissfully we are captured
In love’s divine. Sights unseen
Ascending to a ubiquitous level
Between King and Queen
We reign supreme in our Eden
The same is our sanctum.
Flowing in vibrating pulses
We implode through seducing gazes darkly
And rippling caresses charming
With exquisite kisses exploding
In splendid deeds buried in seeds
Planted eons ago.
We loved each other eons ago
The same is here and now.
Evermore alighted passions soar
Beyond to transcendence
To share and give unbridled
In unconditional terms,
Even life for life.
My dearly beloved forever
All of me is yours to have and hold
Beyond fretted sheets, starry skies
And Valentine nights

Original. 2017.

The Breakdown Poem

Poetry was something that didn’t come naturally. I wasn’t interested in writing it, much less reading it. Somehow or another I’ve come to love poetry as well as writing it. I have and continue to write on a range of subjects. With each piece I try to make it different, especially when writing on the same subject. However, I realize that I do favor certain words, phrases and images in my poetry within each subject.

Because of these favoritisms I sometimes like to breakdown the elements of a particular poem I have in mind to write. Breaking down a poem helps me to: see each part individually, focus on the message and/or image I want to convey, decide which parts to elevate and how to elevate them, and critically think about the poem as a whole.

Doing this also forces me to think about my word choice and decide if I should use a synonym versus the actual word or create my own using imagery instead. I try to show rather than tell in my poetry. Showing instead of telling is something I read a lot about on writing novels and short stories. I try to make the same balance in my poetry.

Dissecting the poem before writing it helps me to find the words and phrases that will help me to show instead of tell. I find that certain words spark an image. If those imagery words can be joined with words that trigger the senses, I think it strikes the right tone for the poet. I’m not a student of poetry in the formal sense so this is pretty much my observation from my own experience in self-study, writing, and opinion.

Why am I writing about this you ask?

Because I have a Valentine’s Day poem waiting to be posted. I used this method for the piece that will appear on the 14th. I’ve also used this breakdown method in the past to help others write their own poem.

This breakdown method is a great way for the poet to focus their thoughts and map a way from beginning to end of a poem. Again, my opinion and it works for me. There’s no structured way to break the poem down. It’s basically just jotting down notes and connecting similar ideas to one another. It’s in the associations and connections of this information where I find my poem.

What works for you?




From Beginning To End

If we think of writing in terms of running you might say that writing a novel is a marathon. I certainly do. Whereas a poem is like a hundred meter dash and a short story more like a four hundred meter dash. Novels take more time and endurance. That translates into requiring more care and preparation as well. All forms of writing, regardless of medium, require everything a novel does. Novels, however, I think are a different beast though in that everything is drawn out.

The writing is drawn out, the brainstorming, the editing, revisions, everything. It’s like that because, well, it’s a novel and not a poem. It’s not a short story where things can take and sometimes do take less time. Even the incubation period for novels are longer (and I’ve had poems with some long incubation periods). Bottom line is this: novels are marathons.

In being so that also means that the writer/author must endure, pace, and stay motivated to persevere the novel. This was a topic a friend and I talked about before. They asked me how I kept motivated through the novel. At first I was stumped as to how to answer (which is always the case) because I never thought about what keeps me motivated. I never thought about why I stay motivated or what things I do to overcome burning out or giving up altogether.

I’ve been writing stories since I was a child in middle school, maybe even before that, but middle school is my earliest memory of writing. I love it more than I did then and I loved it then too. I think you have to love writing to actually gain joy from it because it’s not the most interesting thing in the world to do. It’s not the most exciting activity and yet it is. Well, at least not to those looking from the outside in but I digress.

So, the question is what keeps or how do I stay motivated from beginning to end when writing a novel?

I think I’ve said this before in a couple other posts but it’s the excitement of the idea. When an idea hits me one of two things happen: I get really excited beyond reason or I don’t. If I’m on the fence about it it’s because I really like the idea but there’s something about it that doesn’t jive quite right. In this case I’ll let it sit and if I can make it work, then I go for it, even if at some point I’m not feeling it. Because things always take a turn in the course of writing a novel so why not? And if I don’t like it at all I can always just hit ‘delete’.

It’s that excitement that springboards me. The more I work on it and progress through it the more possibilities pop up. Each possibility brings another level of excitement. Sometimes they don’t and it’s like ‘never mind back to the original story’ but just because the level isn’t raised doesn’t mean I lose the excitement. It just means something didn’t work out but the story, characters, settings, etc. are still cool. See, I have to believe that the story and plot is cool, fresh, fly, dope and off the wall for me to even be interested in writing it in the first place. That belief in the story, plot, characters is what I look for. I have to believe in it to write.I have to believe in it enough to see it through to the end. Otherwise, why am I writing it?

So my passion for writing is why I write novels. Believing in the project is what carries me through the writing from beginning to end. Boiling it down my motivation is: passion and believing in the idea. As for how to keep from burning out, I take frequent breaks and these breaks vary. If I’m on a good writing streak then I’ll take a break from all writing. If I’m not and I’m only writing in spurts then I make use of the down time in between. Even when I am writing, I take breaks during writing that particular project so I don’t wear myself out. Writing can be tough if one doesn’t pace their frequency of writing.



It’s A New Edition

So on closer inspection you’ll notice a new edition to this blog. Poetry Collections Blog Edition tab. That’s because I’ve decided to create smaller poetry collections especially for this blog. The reason for this is because in the process of creating poetry collections (two have been completed as of this writing) there are those that don’t make the cut. Actually there are a lot that don’t make the cut. Well, instead of keeping them in the dark someplace, I’ve decided that they could go into some collection.

These particular poems weren’t bad pieces. They just didn’t fit with the body of work I was putting together. Not only that but these pieces tend to be pieces that I don’t see in a published body of work. They seem to be a better fit for the blog. So I needed a place to put them. There you have it. The first small collection is already up. It is titled Bag of Knick Knacks.

Each small collection will consist of anywhere from 10 to 15 poems. I hope to keep this going as there are always many pieces that never get put in a larger body of work. Or more commonly there are those that are always being taken out as I progress through to the end of the collective pieces. Sometimes I’ll even take poems out and replace them with newer pieces I like more than what was there. So I hope you enjoy the new page and the new poetic collections. Peace.


Grey and Gold Marble

Grey and Gold Marble
by Te’Kia Miller

The cold bites into my skin
a tale-tale sign winter is nearby.
Marble statues grey and gold pass and spin;
The cold bites into my skin
while the sun sets in a bronze grin
for night across the way to fly.
The cold bites into my skin
a tale-tale sign winter is nearby.

Original. 2016.

Another Triolet. Still testing my hand at them 🙂

My Delights of Inspiration

I recently went to Barnes and Noble to purchase just one magazine. I ended up buying two and the third novel to a trilogy I’d started reading earlier this year. It was really unexpected but it happens. Besides, the magazines were Writer’s Digest and Poets and Writers (my first ever of either one). It wasn’t until I started reading them I wondered, why hadn’t I bought these long before now? They were packed with some really nice articles. I am very choosey about what I think I should believe from what I read. Got to be careful in this day and age where everybody thinks they have something important to say when all it is, is nothing at all. Anyway, as I was checking out the clerk was interested in my purchases, seeing that I have bought these particular magazines, and asked if I was a writer. I said ‘yes’ and then they proceeded to ask me if I had anything published. This second question I had trouble answering because I still haven’t defined it for me. I know the world thinks that unless it’s come through a publisher or self-published e-book, then it’s not considered published. But by definition, a blog, vlog or any other form of writing content and distributing it to the masses is considered published. So I told the clerk ‘not professionally but I do have a blog’ and I told them where they could find it. The last question the clerk asked was what did I like to write. While I gave them an answer I could live with (being that I mainly write thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy type stuff), this answer goes beyond that. It is always for the sake of time that I try to keep this particular answer short. However, beyond the three that I mentioned, my delights are rooted in a variety of things, so my inspiration is just about everything. This is in part because I am fascinated by a lot of things. As a kid, I loved researching and learning about different things. I still do and so I am interested in different genres. It is also due in part because I just don’t stick to writing novels. In fact, my writing roots begin with the short story. My earliest memories of writing are of me in the basement as a kid writing short stories from one page long to about fifteen or so pages. Then I moved on to novel writing, as a test because I knew it was longer. It certainly takes greater endurance. Poetry came lastly, which came to be something I love equally as the first two (especially since I initially didn’t care for poetry). But at a young age, it came to me almost as easily as the short story and novel. Almost. Poetry took more practice I think because instead of endurance, now the focus was on the word choice, which I find to be a grueling task and yet fun.

So my inspiration stems from any and everything around me as well as the fact that I don’t like to be confined to any one genre or writing discipline. Writing in each of these three veins helps me to understand them well enough to use their strengths in whatever I am writing, whether it is for word choice, endurance, or details or whatever. They each require their own specific set of skill. That same set of skill I find, however, can be used to achieve writing in another form.

However, if for some reason the above doesn’t satisfy what I specifically like writing, here is an idea (keep in mind this is not all inclusive): FOR POETRY- Faith (I am a Christian for the inquiring mind), love, nature (even the destruction of it), time, life, death, seasons, thoughts/ponderings, muse/poet relationship, lack of inspiration, reaching one’s dreams, relationships (familial, friends, intimate), abuse (domestic, child, and other), and sometimes socially conscience pieces.

FOR NOVEL: thriller, sci-fi for the most part although my work is probably more sci-fi thriller (in my opinion). I like fantasy and I have a working idea for a fantasy but I haven’t really had experience with this particular genre. The only thing I think would qualify is my posted short story A Turn In Perception and an epic ballad I did in high school. I like having themes in any novel work I do. I try to incorporate some kind of theme on purpose and then of course you have themes that just pop up organically. I am interested in writing other genres inspiration and mixing genres as well.

FOR Short Story: This runs the gamut. From inspirational to fantasy. I like short stories because they are a good writing workout in my opinion. It will certainly test the ability of word choice, that’s for sure.

But these are my delights of inspiration for the most part. More pop up as I become fascinated with more things.

From Summer to Fall

From Summer to Fall
By Te’Kia Miller

How quickly time flew
we blinked in May and here is November
deep inside somehow we knew
how quickly time flew
the summer days were far too few
a whimsical time our hearts remember
how quickly time flew
we blinked in May and here is November

Original. 2015.

I have been experimenting with poetic forms. A few of which I have incorporated in my latest poetry collection (which I’m still trying to decide how I want to have it published). The above piece is my first ever attempt at a Triolet.