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In Moments Mundane


In Moments Mundane
By Te’Kia Miller 


Thought I was in a world
Alone as solitary
Freely dancing in rhythms
Only my soul knows
From music floating in ribbons
And choruses of R&B melodies
When his slight touch apprehended me
His being sliding up behind me
In perfect time to beats
Our hearts know well
As we dance embraced in rhythm
We keep each other expertly
Even in moments thought mundane
Our attraction knows no bounds



Original. 2017. 2/7/2017.



New Short Story: A Turn In Perception

They say that perception is reality. Words have never been more true for Dorian. A self-made architect sensation celebrates his latest contract on a night that turns into a sci-fi nightmare. After meeting a beautiful and mysterious woman, Yolanda Santiago, in Watt City’s hottest club, Dorian learns that all is not as it seems and neither is his life…

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