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A Muse’s Stolen Moment

A Muse’s Stolen Moment
By Te’Kia Miller 

Submerged in rivers of smooth jazz
Overflowing, filling canals into
Time and space unaccounted
The world has washed away
In the tides of a muse’s making
Only the poet is listening
Quietly in a world of storms
It is the third eye of a sixth sense
To see and hear this beauty
Called muse 

Original.2017. 4/22/2017.


What’s Wrong With You?

That was the question most often asked whenever I got what I thought would make a great idea for a poem, novel, title, short story or poetry collection. That’s because I always gasped, with that bright-light look on my face every time it happened. The closest person would look at me like something was wrong (if we were strangers). If I knew the closet person to me, they’d be like “what’s wrong with you?” accompanied with some kind of look on their face. But I couldn’t help it. It’s one of my impulsive writing habits.

I don’t know where this came from. It just started happening. I get ideas on an almost constant basis. During my high school days, I once told a teacher that if I gasp, everything is fine. It just means I was hit with a great idea for a writing project. I don’t think anybody really picked up on it, but having these ideas come to me suddenly meant I wasn’t paying attention to who was talking or what they were talking about. My attention would be somewhere else. It happened often in school. I guess being in my mind was more interesting than being in the classroom. I was still a stellar student, but I digress.

Even in my adulthood, I still tune out (not on purpose) and float to where ever my thoughts take me. It usually ends up with an idea, sometimes interesting, sometimes not. If an idea sticks with me, even if I try to get rid of it, then that’s my sign that I should at least develop it on paper and see what it would/could look like (let’s face it, anything we start out writing will end differently than we expect). At least that’s true for me.

Well catch ya’ll later. Have a beautiful day. Peace!